Born and raised in Melbourne, I saw some great results with chiropractic when I was in Year 9 in high school. I’ve been under care ever since then. I didn’t always consider chiropractic to be my life’s work as my dad was an architect, and I had intended to follow in his footsteps. My experience with chiropractic made me reconsider that career path. The chiropractor I went to in Sydney was a tutor at Macquarie University, and he encouraged me to look more into it. So I did.

Close to Family in Rockhampton

Dr Walker graduated with his Master of Chiropractic from Macquarie University and worked in Brisbane for six years after graduating.

“When the right time came, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to move to Rockhampton, where my wife is from. It’s also the town in which we were married.”

Dr Walker and Emma got married in the Capricorn Caves during Cyclone Oswald! As they’ve visited the area frequently to see Emma’s family they have a particular fondness for the wonderful city.Feel Better than Okay!
So many people are told that it’s acceptable to feel just okay or to experience problems from aging.

“That’s not the whole answer. You can do better. Chiropractic is gentle and effective. You don’t have anything to lose. Give it some time and invest in your health.”

Dr Walker loves seeing his clients getting results and being as good as they can be instead of just feeling okay.

Don’t Let Pain Change Your Life

People have given up their careers because their body wasn’t holding up, or stopped their hobbies because they get stiff and sore from tennis or gardening. They adapt their lifestyle to the pain. Chiropractic says that’s not good enough. We’ll work to get rid of the obvious ailments such as pain but really work towards maximising your life.

Valuing Our Great Health

Dr Walker values good health above all else and shares his passion for wellness with his clients. Being in peak physical condition allows Dr Walker to be on the course every Saturday at the Rockhampton Golf Club. He also enjoys taking care of his garden most evenings, or going for walks with his wife and daughters.

Dr Walker attended Macquarie University on a snow skiing scholarship, and still enjoys taking ski trips every year. He’s also worked as a ski instructor in Australia and the U.S.

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Emma Reddy

Emma Reddy (Diploma of Nursing)

Emma is a trained nurse with several years of experience in the public and private sectors. She was born and raised in Rockhampton, QLD, so was thrilled at the opportunity to return home to her roots, with her husband Dr Kain Walker (Chiropractor), when the practice was made available for purchase by the previous owner. Emma shares Dr Walker’s passion for health and enjoys going to the gym or running along the beach.

In addition to her passion for health, Emma has a great love for kids and families.

“I’ve been amazed at the changes I’ve witnessed in babies and children under chiropractic care.”
Emma and Dr Walker were married in 2013 and love being able to call North Rockhampton Chiropractic a family-run small business. You’ll usually see Emma helping out around the practice.

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