Measurable Results

Our technology helps us track your improvements and personalise your treatment.

The technology used at North Rockhampton Chiropractic is designed to show you how you’re progressing as you continue to see us for care.

Dr Kain Walker (Chiropractor) believes in demonstrating your progress objectively through cutting-edge care. You won’t commonly find these methods at other chiropractic practices, but we want you to know we’re making a difference in your health.

The Insight™ Subluxation Station
This electromyogram performs different scans to measure your health. It’s a diagnostic tool that will help us identify which areas of your body we’ll need to address. We’ll measure any temperature difference on each side of your spine. Your muscle and nerve activity will also be looked at to make sure each side of the spine is working properly in supporting nerves and vertebrae.

If your problem is chronic, we might expect that it’ll take several months to stabilise. Once you start to feel better, we can objectively confirm your progress by taking another set of scans. You’ll have a visual aid in understanding your progress and the changes that are happening.

Comparing Your Scans

By the time we’ve completed the second or third set of your scans, we may start to see your nerve and muscle activity looking normal. Your posture will change, with the head more central over the body and the shoulders more balanced. If you experience a new injury from trauma or accident, we can run the scans again to show you evidence on what’s happening in your body, which areas need help and how many adjustments we think you’ll need.

There are no guessing numbers or response times. You’ll get accurate recommendations so you’ll know what to expect and what we’ll be doing in the next few months.

Scanning Your Feet
Foot scans show us how they are supporting your pelvis and spine.

Foot scans show us how they are supporting your pelvis and spine.

Our foot scanner will show us the arches of your feet. Our feet support our pelvis and spine. With our body weight and life’s stresses putting pressure on our feet, taking a look at your arches will help us to identify problems in the rest of your body.

An Application for Posture
We’ll take pictures of your posture that can be printed out and compared over time. We hope to see your posture improving, with equal balance on both sides of your body. At each re-examination, we’ll compare your new posture pictures with your old ones to understand your progress.

Getting the Care You Need
Dr Walker believes in giving clients the chiropractic care they need, never more. Everyone’s needs are different — for example, Dr Walker sees his chiropractor every two weeks. Not everyone needs to go that often, though, and we won’t recommend adjustments when you don’t need it. Our advanced technology allows us to know what you’ll need with certainty.

Your family deserves state-of-the-art health care. Contact us today to book an appointment!