What To Expect

We welcome you to our family-friendly practice where you’ll find a supportive staff who is committed to helping you experience excellent health! We’re ready to help you take your health to the next level.

Let’s Get Started
Dr Kain will show you how chiropractic can help.

Your first visit involves filling out a health history form so that we understand your chief complaints, the state of your health and your goals. Next, one of our chiropractic assistants will scan your feet so we can take a look at your arches. The arches of your feet can tell us about your spinal and pelvic stability. We’ll take posture pictures that are analysed with an application in our iPad.

Then Dr Walker (Chiropractor) will review your information with you. We’ll determine if we can help, and if not, we’ll find you someone who can. You and Dr Walker will discuss what chiropractic is, how your brain and spine work and how we identify subluxations. We’ll confirm if you have subluxations present through a physical examination, which includes:

  • Balance testing
  • Flexibility
  • Neurological and orthopaedic tests
  • Range of motion
  • Strength tests

We’ll take a scan with the computer that measures muscle and nerve activity to understand your spinal health. If there are areas of concern we identify from the scans, we may have you get X-rays taken at one of several nearby facilities. Your first visit takes about 45 minutes

Your Report of Findings
We’ll give you a full report of our findings from your first visit. This report will take about 30-40 minutes. You’ll then watch a short video explaining chiropractic before you see Dr Walker. We will have printed out your electromyogram scans, foot scans and postural pictures. If X-rays were taken, Dr Walker will go over those results with you. We’ll discuss:

  • If we can help you
  • What you can expect
  • What your options for care are

It’s up to you to decide if you want to see us simply to relieve your pain, or if you’re interested in maintaining your health over time. Once you’ve decided how you want to proceed and have had all your questions answered, we’ll give you your first adjustment.Regular Re-examinations
We recommend regular adjustments to continue improving your health!

Every 8-9 visits, we’ll take new scans to assess your progress. We’ll discuss your goals, if you’re happy with where you are and what our next steps will be.

In-between Visits
Dr Walker will help you to be proactive outside of your visits to the practice. Exercises and rehabilitation can help you do the right things in between your adjustments. Dr Walker will discuss everything from pillows and mattresses, shoes, exercise and diet with you at your visits, so you have the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for you.

Start being proactive about your health by contacting us today to schedule your appointment!